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Does your parking lot or driveway have cracks or uneven asphalt paving? Does it look like it needs to be repaved? Having your driveway or parking lot redone doesnt have to be a stressful situation. At Pickett's paving we make the process of getting new asphalt in Sarasota, Florida easy. Pickett’s Paving Sarasota Florida understands that your home or business may need an extensive amount of asphalt work, and we are here to take the stress of the process away from you and make this easy and pain free. Pickett’s Paving offers free quotes and professional services to everyone in Sarasota, FL. Pickett’s Paving works with our customers to ensure an easy transaction and we make sure our customers are always left satisfied! Any questions at all dont hesitate to call us at 941-780-8231.

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Pickett’s Paving is completely prepared to effectively deal with any size asphalt paving project in Sarasota Florida, and we only hire the most qualified employees. Pickett’s Paving completely ensures the quality of our work and we even provide education services to the client prior to the process of paving installation in Sarasota Florida.

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Once you have made an appointment with the Pickett’s Paving foreman to start your Sarasota Florida asphalt paving project, the foreman and a crew member will go out to the project location and place markings in the designated paving area. These markings tell the crew where to dig.


The markings alert the crew as to where gas lines and water lines are located, and notify them as to where to extend or reduce the new asphalt paving in Sarasota FL. The next step of Sarasota Florida asphalt paving is the removal and demolition of the existing asphalt paving or concrete. This removal is done by heavy machinery, such as bobcats, loaders, dump trucks and other construction equipment.


After the site is completely clear of all debris, the Pickett’s Paving crew will then prepare a water drainage system so that the water run-off is appropriate per location. This is completed due to the fact that water is the number one reason why roads get damaged over time.


The types of damage to roads include: potholes, cracks and heavy vehicles. A surface called a subbase is then created. This is necessary because it protects the asphalt paving in Sarasota FL during the freezing weather season.

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It is also important because it will make the asphalt paving in Sarasota Florida last longer. Pickett’s Paving then uses heavy equipment to test to see if the surface will hold weight without flexing. If there is proof of flexing, Pickett’s Paving will make repairs to the surface until its structurally strong and supportive.


There are a few options when it comes to stabilizing the ground. It may be necessary to add or remove soil or dirt, to make the surface solid. Once everything is marked and cleared, as well as leveled, the Pickett’s Paving crew will then install one of our five types of Sarasota FL asphalt paving. The first layer of asphalt that is made of small aggregate, sand and oil will be applied.


Once it is applied, Pickett’s Paving will do a final roll and compact the Sarasota Florida asphalt paving. This is the final part of laying the Sarasota FL asphalt paving. If you are looking to update the asphalt paving on your business or residence in Sarasota Florida, please give Pickett’s Paving a call.


We have free estimates and a friendly staff who can help you along the way. We are here to help. Do not allow finance problems to be an issue. Pickett’s Paving will work with you and will beat all competitor prices guaranteed.