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Chipseal is a pavement surface that combines one or more layers of asphalt with one or more layers with fine aggregate. In the United States, chipseal is typically used on roads carrying lower traffic volumes. The process is often referred to as asphalt surface treatment. In other countries, asphalt chipseal is used on a larger percentage of roads, both railroad and urban. Chipseal is a type of surface that has a variety of other names such as tar and chip, spread seal or surface dressing.



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Chipsealing is cheaper then surfacing asphalt concrete or a cement concrete pavement, but is not as long lasting. Now that that you know a little bit about what chipseal is, it is time for you to learn about my company.


Pickett’s Paving has a team of good, hard working people. Because of the fact that chipseal is cheaper, we do what we can to let residents in our area know that when we are offering our services. When dealing with chipsealing, we would basically use the concrete in a liquid state and pour it over the necessary area.


In order for the asphalt to obtain a liquid form, it has to be anywhere between one hundred degrees and four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This is indeed hot enough for it to form a liquid state.

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We make sure that we give the resident a two-month notice, so that they are aware of the situation. Right before the asphalt dries, my workers will smooth it out evenly.


Our job is to look out for the safety of the resident and make sure that they are able to experience a smooth ride in their vehicles. If the driver happens to drive in the asphalt while it is still wet, then it will be hard to remove it from their tires.


The downside to this process is that when the asphalt does crack and turn rocky at some point in time it can turn into a huge problem. This is where my workers would come in and try to fix the situation before it becomes a big problem. Whenever there is a pavement that needs to be fixed, Pickett’s Paving will always be at your service.