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My company's name is Pickett’s Paving. We offer a professional and affordable commercial and residential asphalt services. Now I am about to tell you about the services that we provide at our company. When it comes to crack filling, it is a good way to keep the roads safe. Whenever there is a crack or a pothole in the road that is in need of crack filling, you can always be sure that Pickett’s Paving is on the case.



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Crack filling is a process that we do in order to keep our roads smooth and safe. First we will go around and let all of the residents know that our workers are going to begin the crack sealing process. Each resident in our area will be given a two-week notice before we start the process.


We will keep the asphalt at a certain temperature in order for it to turn into a liquid state. We have to always be sure to keep the asphalt at a temperature anywhere between one hundred and four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to keep the asphalt in a liquid form.


When the asphalt is in a liquid form, we go search various areas to find any signs of cracks and potholes, and fill in the area by pouring the asphalt in the needed area. That is the power of crack filling. We will pour the asphalt into the much-needed area and smooth it out as the asphalt begins to dry.

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During the process of crack filling we will began to even out the asphalt and wait for the roads to dry. Crack filling gives the road an even and smooth feel to it as well keeps the environment safe for drivers. Crack filling is a good way to prevent accidents from happening and helps drivers to prevent an emergency situation.


Crack filling will always have its flaws but with the help of my workers, all of those flaws can be prevented. If a resident decided to drive on the asphalt while it is still wet, then my workers will have to remove it quickly before it becomes a problem.


The driver will eventually need some new tires. This is the reason why it is our duty to let residents know when we will work on this project ahead of time. If the asphalt begins to crack and gets rocky, then it is our job to make the roads safe again.